Buy New Nike Air Max 720 BETRUE on Menairshoes

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Buy New Nike Air Max 720 BETRUE on Menairshoes

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Designed to promote the spirit of the LGBTQ community, the annual Nike BETRUE collection is based on the rainbow element and demonstrates individuality and confidence through the unique temperament of different shoe types. Every year, one or two shoes are the new favorite of the sneakers. I am afraid this year is no exception! Nike's official announcement has not yet been received, but there are already 5 BETRUE color exposures including Nike Air Max 720 and Benassi JDI slippers. Among them, also pays tribute to Rainbow Flag designer Gilbert Baker, who can see his signature on the transparent air cushion. These shoes feature a gradient-tone upper that is full of personality but harmonious, with black details and transparent air cushions, easy to match, and has a good eye-catching effect.

,Nike Air Max 720's super-atmosphere padding, coupled with a simple and simple technical style shoe design, the full release of the personality atmosphere, it is difficult to be attracted to it! In the summer, the addition of the sandals and slippers Benassi JDI is an appropriate benefit. Retaining the eye-catching Swoosh Logo, the rainbow-colored blessings add a touch of personality to the cool. In addition, the Pegasus 35 Turbo running shoes, the retro running shoes Air Tailwind 79 and the Air Max 90's BETRUE color schemes all show the elements in different designs.

Although the Lakers led by James this year did not enter the NBA playoffs, Nike, recently brought a pair of Lakers-themed . Since it is the theme of the Lakers, the design is naturally familiar with the purple gold color. The bright yellow tongue on the lavender woven upper is particularly eye-catching. The embroidery "23" represents James's jersey number. The heel is decorated with light blue. The unique feature is that there are 16 numbers on the heel, which represents the 16 years of the Lakers' championship. In the official picture, you can also see the "LeBron" printed on the insole. The words are presented in the design of the Lakers team. The color of the whole pair of shoes brings a refreshing feeling in the eye-catching, the three colors collide with each other and the overall details are extremely rich, which should be loved by many Lakers and James fans.
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